Pet Boarding in Mount Carmel, TN for dogs and cats

Superior Pet Boarding for Your Dog and Cat in Mount Carmel, TN

Don't worry about your dog or cat while you're away. At Mount Carmel Pet Hospital, you and your pet will love the boarding kennel that comes with an array of facilities. We also accept pets from all over the Northeast Tennessee area for boarding, including cities such as Kingsport and Johnson City. All we ask before boarding is that your pet's vaccinations are current and flea prevention is taken care of.

We give pet food exclusively from Purina and provide personalized care to meet your pet's special needs. We're fully licensed and certified in the state of Tennessee.
During holiday time and school breaks, you should call ahead for reservations.
Ready to book your dog's boarding appointment in Mount Carmel, TN? Give us a call at (423) 357-4221 today!

Why Choose Our
Dog and Cat Boarding Kennel?

• Healthy diet - dogs are fed pet food from Purina
• Exceptional treatment
• We allow them to bring their own food for their specific diet
• Indoor runs
• Walking done individually, twice daily
• Pets are treated with special care, catering to their special needs
• Personalized care

Cat taking a nap